Maver Match This £100,000 Qualifier Barford Lakes, Norwich

Steve Mayo and myself made the long journey to Barford Lakes in Norfolk for the latest round of the Maver Match This £100,000 qualifiers. We set off on the saturday morning and the journey took 5hrs, its a long way to deepest darkesy Norfolk from Bristol, we had to show our passports twice!! We arrived in time to have a look around the venue and a quick fish on saturday afternoon.
Sunday morning we arrived at the lake for the draw, armed with all the info from a local expert, now all we needed was a draw. Only 35 anglers lined up at the draw, probably the lowest turnout so far, but that meant our chances of qualifying were better.
Unfortunately we both drew at the wrong end of the lake, all the fish were at the other end, and we both went home empty handed. It was my first time at the venue, which looked lovely, then it was a 5 hour journey back with a stop at the KFC for a load up to improve a disappointing day.