Whitesprings Match Results

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The Match lake again fished really well for the Wednesday evening match.

James Thomas came in first with a 84lb 2oz bag.
The results were as follows:-

1. James Thomas 84lb 2oz.

2. Andrew Crocker 72lb 4oz.

3. Jake Sarokin 54lb 8oz

4. Mike Williams 53lb

Sundays match has again produced large catches. Going over the 100lb mark. Which considering the warm spell we've had has been exceptional. Howard Green came out on top, closely followed by James Barnet.

The results were as follows:-

1. Howard Green 116lb

2. James Barnet 103lb 4oz

3. Rob Jones 94lb 8oz

4. Marge 80lb 10oz

The smallest catch was well over sixty pounds this Sunday.
Excellent results and well done lads.

For more information on match results at Whitesprings go to http://www.whitespringsfishery.co.uk/