Daves Dozen Bristol Docks 25/8/11

Thursday evenings match was probably the best of the year, with lots of quality roach showing on the 5m line to hemp and caster.
This weeks winner was John Macey with 19lb, this included a 3lb bream and 16lb of quality roach, from peg 12. Second was Pete Sivell with 14lb 10oz all quality roach from peg 11 on caster/hemp. 3rd was Dave Shore 13lb 14oz of roach. 4th, Rob Garland with 12lb 12oz, which included a 2lb roach from end peg 19.
5th was Dave Clutterbuck with 12lb 3oz, which included a 1lb+ mullet with his roach, fom peg 18. 6th was Andy Curry, spelt with a 'y' not 'ie', with 11lb 15oz from peg 16.
The average weight per angler was a staggering 10lb 13oz, not bad for 3.5 hours and mostly roach