Division One practice matches, New Junction Canal

Love it or Hate it? at the moment more people seem to hate the place than love it. Saturdays match will be a grueller for most. Everybody is complaining about the pegging, NFA rules say at least 16yds between pegs, yet in places it is as little as 7 paces, no wonder the fishing is so bad.
Having got that gripe off my chest, there is a method to be sorted out and a few fish to be caught in places, but not everywhere. I have caught a few fish, best weight 8lb 8oz and only gone under 4lb in one match, but there are too many good anglers catching very little for it to be a good match. I am expecting the local teams to do very well and it wouldnt surprise me if 5 of the top 10 teams were local, why would anyone want to travel to fish there?
Squatts and groundbait is the method most teams will adopt to get their team points, with very few big fish showing, any team who goes all out for big fish could easily get relegated.
End pegs are golden, it has been very hard to win money in the practice matches if you dont draw one. On saturday all we need is 10 end pegs!!! job done