Surrey Winter League, MBK Fishery

This was the third round of our winter league, this round was due to be fished on the Basingstoke Canal near Gold valley, but the practice match the week before saw lots of dry nets and all the fish shoaled up in just a few pegs, Im glad I didnt go. MBK fishery is a lovely series of small lakes near Petersfield in Hampshire, an early start with a two hour drive for us, but with the clocks going back that day it made the early start a bit better.

Des and I had fished these lakes a few times before, Des having won twice, we had a fair idea of what to expect.

I drew lake 2, not a lake I had fished before, but it looked good and Des had drawn lake 3. These lakes are not solid with carp and at this time of year you need to take an approach that will catch you a few carp and plenty of anything else thats in front of you, these lakes are famous for its bright red and yellow goldfish.

My match started of ok, I caught a few goldfish and 1 small carp on the long pole and bites were steady. This time of the year 40lb is a good weight on most of these lakes, so every bite counts, after an hour most peoples bites started to slow up, but mine kept on coming and I started to catch more of the better carp.
Feeding and fishing meat at 14.5m was the best way to catch the carp and avoid the nuisance fish, during the last hour I caught a couple of proper lumps, both about 12lb, one was a ghostie. I finished the match with 15 carp and 8lb of goldfish for a weight of 78lb to win the match and with Des winning his lake it was a happy journey home.