Surrey Winter League, MBK Fishery

This was the fourth round of our winter league, no longer called Angling Times but now called Angling Trust, which was fished on St Pats and Coloured ponds at MBK Fishery near Petersfield.
The draw was kind to me and I drew the next peg to where I had won the last round of this league 2 weeks ago, and with the weather very similar to a fortnight ago, I decided to fish it much the same as last time, except this was a corner peg so I would probably going to catch down the edge, later on.

I started the match fishing the lead towards the middle of the lake and caught 5 small carp on pellet with a straight lead, when this went quiet I switched to the long pole with meat and caught another 20 carp fishing in the deep water, during the last hour I caught another 10 carp fishing 16m down the edge on meat.

I finished up with 35 carp for a total weight of 135lb and a very nice days fishing. This weight won me the match, 2 winter leagues on the trot, something I have never done before.

MBK fishery is a lovely series of lakes and the fishing is great, if you fancy a nice peaceful days fishing in pleasant surroundings this is the place to go.