Daves Dozen, Bristol Docks 15/3/12

This weeks warm weather has really changed the fishing for the better, the water temperature reached 9 degrees for this weeks match, and the skimmers really responded, the last but one weight in the 3.5 hours was 7lb 14oz. There was nice tinge of colour, no tow to affect the presentation. This weeks match was fished at the welsh back and police launch sections. The prospect for the next few weeks look good as the fish start to feed well, prior to spawning.

Top rod was Merv Sivell with 16lbs 10oz  of skimmers some on the pole and some on the feeder, more fish are being caught on the pole each week as the weather warms up and the fish spread out looking for food.
Second was Alan Healey with14lbs 11ozs of skimmers caught on the feeder, using groundbait and maggot from the end peg number 1. Rob Garland caught 14lb for third, he caught some roach with his skimmers, all on the pole. Pete Sivell caught 12lbs 5oz for fourth, skimmers on the pole, whilst Dave Clutterbuck caught 11lbs 4ozs of roach and skimmers on the pole. Jason Bird secured 6th place with 9lbs 11oz of skimmers on the feeder.

1st Merv Sivell 16lbs 10oz
2nd Alan Healey 14lbs 11oz
3rd Rob Garland 14lbs 0oz
4th Pete Sivell 12lbs 5ozs
5th Dave Clutterbuck 11lbs 4ozs
6th Jason Bird 9lbs 11oz