Maver Satanic X Carp Pole

This New Satanic X Carp pole from Maver is due in stock any day, it has been designed by the design team at Maver UK. The design team know exactly what UK anglers need from a pole that is going to be used on modern UK commercials, in fact a lot of the field testing was done at Larford Lakes, where large catches of hard fighting carp really put the pole through its 'paces'

The pole has been manufactured from high modulus carbon to give it a slim profile yet still retain the necessary strength and balance we need.

Although this pole has the strength for 'baggin up' it is equally usable on a river or your local 'cut'

The package includes 3 power kits plus the one on the pole making 4 top kits in total, the top kits are rated up to 20 elastics. Each pole comes with its own pole holdall and an informative DVD.

The pole sells at £399 for 13m, watch out for the advertising as its a Devilishly Good Buy

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