Preston On Box X3 Special, limited edition

Every now and again Preston come out with a real gem, this box is real value for money.

Everything you see in the picture is included in the price.

The Onbox X3 has been around a few years, there are loads in use on the bank, this special offer has £80 worth of extras completely Free of charge.

The box comes complete with the nylon groundbait bowl on a hoop which fits on any leg of your choice, this is very popular for positioning your groundbait or pellets when method feeder fishing.
2 small keepnet arms are included so that you can position your nets on each of the front legs.
The box has a padded pole seat for maximum comfort whilst your fishing, on good days you dont notice an uncomfortable seat but on bad days it always seems worst.
Preston large side tray is included so that you can position all your bait at the most comfortable height .
The box has an ultra stable non-slip footplate, this is essential when fishing a long pole, you dont want the box wobbling around while you are holding 16m of expensive pole and the non-slip finish is great on wet and muddy days, all the legs have a non-marking system on them so that they grip better and the screws dont make marks on the legs.
The front legs are telescopic so you can level the box on sloping ground, getting your box as level as possible is essential when fishing a long pole if you want to avoid a bad back.
The box has 1 deep side tackle drawer unit, great for all your bulky bits and pieces, and it has 2 winder units which come fully loaded with winder trays. There is 1 x 13cm tray which holds 20 winders, 2 x 18cm trays which holds 30 winders and 1 x 26cm tray which holds 10 winders, making a total of 60 winders, more than enough for most people.

The rrp of everything is £329.99, but we are selling it for ONLY £224.99.

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