Bristol Docks, Evening Series 26/7/12

Last nights match was fished at Bathurst Basin again as Baltic Wharf was still full of boats from last weekends harbour festival. As I expected Bathurst fished better than last week, because of the bait going in from last weeks match. The gin clear water and bright sunshine didnt put the fish off the feed, but the best pegs were around the boats and fishing out into open water, classic signs of fish behaviour when the water is clear.

Top rod on the night, with a great weight for 'the Basin', was Andy Curry with 23lb 6oz, he caught a mixed bag of bream, skimmers and roach on the pole with maggot, from peg 4. The first 3 anglers were all in a line on pegs 2,3 and 4. Jason Bird took the runner up spot with 10lb 8oz of skimmers and roach, again on the pole with maggot and groundbait, Pete Sivell was third with 9lb 12oz of roach and dace with caster and hemp.

The groundbait mix that seems to be working well on the docks is Sensas Magic mixed with Sensas Lake and some brown crumb to make it go further, at this time of the year a lot of the fish get caught off the bottom, so feed regular and shot your rigs so that they can catch 'on the drop'

Fourth place went to Dave Clutterbuck with 9lb 9oz of roach and dace on caster and hemp from end peg 12, Alan Healey had 6lb 9oz for 5th and Pete Ellis weighed 6lb 4oz for sixth.

The Docks are at there best during August and September, so if you fancy giving it a go, remember its Free fishing once you have bought your rod licence.