Daves Dozen, Bristol Docks 5/7/12

The recent heavy rain finally stopped, the wind stopped blowing, the sun came out and the fish stopped feeding. This has been the pattern on a lot of venues this week, we may not like fishing in the wind and rain but the fish love these conditions, quite a few local lakes have stopped producing since the sun has come out.

The weights on Thursdays match were lower than recently, with not much flow and no wind the fish lost their appetite. Winner on the evening was Pete Ellis with 10lb 10oz of skimmers on the pole feeding groundbait and maggot. Pete really understands how to catch the bream at Baltic Wharf and he just fishes solely for them, he waits and waits, and more often than not he catches them, most anglers put in a shorter line for the roach, but not Mr Ellis.

Dave Clutterbuck was second with 9lb 9oz of roach on the pole, with caster and hemp. In the next few weeks the roach should really come on the feed and these matches will start to be won with roach weights, Dave prefers to fish for roach and when conditions are right, he wins his share.

Dean 'I can only catch carp' Malin was third with 9lb 3oz of bream and eels on the feeder with groundbait and maggot. Fourth was Dynamite Baits man Pete Sivell who caught 7lb 9oz of bream and skimmers on the feeder. Andy Curry was fifth with 3lb 12oz of roach on the pole and Jason Bird was 6th with 3lb 11oz of roach and eels.