Bristol Docks Evening Series 1/8/12

This weeks match was back to Baltic Wharfe, most of the boats had left the docks after the harbour festival, and conditions looked good as there was a tinge of colour in the water, it was overcast and raining, ideal conditions for the skimmers to feed. 5 anglers broke double figures and the second to fifth place was very close, only 13oz seperating them.

A feature of this weeks match was that there was 3 mullet caught, between 1lb and 3lb, if you ever get a chance to fish for mullet on a pole, dont miss it as they fight like hell and can be very tricky to catch. I have never caught one in the docks, but I have caught them on international duty in Portugal, and they are one of the cleverest fish you will ever 'try' to catch. With all the boats entering and leaving the docks these mullet probably moved into the docks when the lock gates were opened.

Top rod on the day was Jason Bird with 12lb 15oz of bream and skimmers on the feeder with groundbait and maggot, Rob Garland was second with 10lb 15oz of bream and roach, on the groundbait feeder. Dean Malin continued his good run with 10lbs 4oz of bream and skimmers. There was a tie for fourth place with Pete Sivell and Pete Ellis both catching 10lb 2oz of roach, bream and skimmers. 6th place was Dave Clutterbuck with 9lb 7oz, he had one of the mullet amongst his catch of roach on the pole.