Bristol Docks, Evening Series 9/8/12

Thursday daytime was the best day this summer for sunbathing, and to spend the cool evening fishing at Baltic Wharf was glorious. Conditions were perfect for pole fishing, flat, a slight tow and a tinge of colour, yet the bream refused to come in on the pole line and stayed out on the feeder line, now that more anglers are starting to use the feeder at Baltic the bream prefer to feed in the central area of the docks, before when nobody was fishing the feeder they would come in on the long pole line, but things have changed.

Top rod on the night was Pete Sivell with 21lb 6oz of bream and skimmers on the groundbait feeder with red maggot on the hook. Pete Ellis was second with 12lb 15oz of bream and roach on the groundbait feeder, Adam Caswell was third with 11lb 15oz, a similar catch to the two above him.

Top weight on the pole was Dave Clutterbuck, who caught 9lb 4oz of roach on caster and hemp. Dave caught most of his fish just before and just after dark, this is a common occurence on the docks, as the light levels fall the roach move in close on the near shelf and start to feed, and for an hour or so the roach fishing is fantastic, if you go pleasure fishing you can catch a lot longer, but the pressure of all the anglers on the bank means the light levels have to be right and sport is usually brief.

Joint 5th was John Macey and Alan Healey both had 7lb 4oz, one caught on the feeder and the other caught on the pole.