New Preston Method Feeder Flying Back Lead

Preston Innovations have just launched a New method feeder flying back lead, it has been designed to reduce line bites when fishing up to islands or shallow margins. When you cast these back leads fly back up the line and pin the line on the bottom, where feeding fish cant touch it.

The clever design allows these leads to be removed from the line without breaking the rig down, so you can try with or without the back lead or swap to a different size, they are available in 3 different sizes 1g, 1.5g or 2g.

Andy Finlay was the first person I know who started to use back leads when fishing a method to an island, he used to put a BB on the line 2ft above the feeder, this is not allowed on a lot of waters I fish, as the feeder must be free running, these flying back leads overcome this rule and are fish friendly.

The first time I saw someone using a flying back lead was at Whiteacres in the spring festivals last year, he had threaded an olivette up the line, when he cast out the olivette landed about 5m behind the feeder.

I can remember a very frustrating day I had, about 2 years ago, on the high bank of Match Lake at Whiteacres, I was fishing a feeder tight to the island and for the first hour of the match I had tails coming out of the water right over the top of my method feeder and yet I could not get a bite, this is a sign of 'pressured' fish, too this day I still do not know how to catch these fish, I wish I could have tried one of these back leads on that day.

To the same range Preston have also added Method Feeder Stops and Method Feeder Quick Change Beads

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