Garbolino Sensas Challenge CIPS League

Saturday was the first round of the new format CIPS league, last year was just one league, this year the league has been split into regions. The North has a division being fished on the Stainforth and Keadby Canal and the East has a region fished on the fens.The Midlands and South League which was being fished on Barston and Packington Somners.

Last years league saw a few teams move to the northern and eastern leagues but it was nice to see a few new teams entering this league. Sensas Nomads, Milo Bordon, Delcac, a second Thatchers team and a team of juniors from Derby. On Saturday there was 14 teams of 5 fishing, with 3 sections on Barston and 2 sections on Packington's Mowlands Pool, each team was allowed to nominate which anglers could fish on each venue.

I chose to fish Barston and Des, who I was travelling with, chose Packington. I drew peg 12 on Barston and Des drew 27 at Packington.

Before the start I set up a waggler rod and 2 rigs to fish at 13m, one rig was a 0.4g pencil type float, set at dead depth for roach and a 0.6g round bodied float set 6 inches overdepth for skimmers and F1s.

When the 10 minute prebaiting started I balled in 12 large balls of Sensas Lake and Leam with joker ar 13m and then I fed 20 small balls of Thatchers fishmeal with joker and dead reds on the waggler line. When the match started I picked up my roach rig and second drop in I caught a netable roach, quickly followed by 5 smaller roach, then I couldnt get a bite. The anglers that I could see around me had similar starts and they couldnt get a bite either, whatever I tried for the next hour I couldnt put anything else in the net, on the morning we had a sharp frost and the fish didn't seem to like it.

On the hour mark I had a look on my waggler line and almost straight away I had bite on treble bloodworm tipped with a dead red maggot and a lifeless fight saw a 2lb bream in my net, next cast I had another quickly followed by a large F1, this was a great start as the rest of my section, that I could see, was still struggling. Then things went quiet again for about 15 minutes, when a bite out of the blue saw another 2lb F1 in the net.
This was to be my last bite on the waggler, so I picked up my pole and dropped in and straight away had a large skimmer on a bunch of bloodworm, the rest of the match I caught the odd bream steadily until the end finishing up with 12 skimmers, averaging 2lb, and a couple of 2lb F1s plus a handful of roach.

I weighed in 30lb 6oz for a section win and fourth overall, it was a lovely days fishing in awful weather, from 12 o'clock onwards it never stopped raining, but despite the weather the lake had fished well.

Des had a great day at Packington, he won the lake with 31lb, and third overall, he caught 25lb on a waggler  and caught a few fish late on the pole, fishing in a similar way to me.

Our team result, we had 3 section wins, a second and a third for 8 penalty points and top team on the day, it was very close, as Starlets green had 9 points and Starlets blue had 10 points.

Top individual on the day was Nigel Bull with 33lb, followed by Darren Cox with 32lb, Des had 31lb and I had 30lb, Lee Edwards had 29lb and there was quite a few other 20lb+ weights, made for a very tight match, these venues are well suited to CIPS rules, plenty of fish to be caught and without the feeder it becomes a lot fairer.

It was nice to see some of the new teams do well and one of the Derby juniors, Tom Potter had a great day picking up his section money, at Packington.