Local Roundup of Fishery News

Bitterwell Lake at Westerleigh

Has been fishing well through all the recent bad weather, the carp are still active and the Silverfish Open yesterday was won with 14lb of skimmers and roach, Liquidised maggots potted in, and a maggot hookbait over the top produced the goods

Most of the skimmers are being caught on a long pole and the roach are being caught up in the water with maggot or caster, Gary Etheridge has always been very successful fishing a waggler shallow with maggot and catching roach and skimmers

If you want to catch the carp the best way is to fish a feeder out to the fountain, maggot or pellet is the best bait

The recent heavy rain has not affected the fishery at all.

Check the notice board for fishery rules if its your first time, the gates open at 8.30am. for more information speak to Clive or Mary tel 01454 778960

Bitterwell Lake

Acorn Fishery, Kingston Seymour

This really is the up and coming water in the area, the number of people fishing the water has shot up recently, beacause it is fishing so well.

Match weights have been up to 140lb recently, pegs 3-18 have been the hot pegs, if you want a really good days fishing sit next to one of the bridges, peg 5 is a real flyer.

The best way to catch the carp is to fish maggots and micros across to the far bank or up to a bridge, if you want to catch the skimmers, fish with small balls of fishmeal groundbait no further than 5m out.

On the specimen lake fish up to 30lb have been caught recently, the best method is dead maggots or 10mm boilies, Mainline Cell is a brilliant bait. Fish close to the Island or if you see a fish top, cast a pva bag at it.

This recent bad weather may have put a lot of anglers off, but the fishery has been unaffected by the bad weather and the carp are feeding, so if you fancy catching a whacker with nobody on the bank then Acorn is the place to go.

Acorn Fishery website http://www.acornfishery.com/

Windmill Fishery, the newest lake in the area has been reporting good catches, the specimen lake that holds fish up to 27lb, this week 15lb is the biggest caught

The Match Lake has continued to fish well, a silverfish open last Sunday was won with 20lb, the recent heavy rain has kept the weights down but carp to 10lb continue to show along with tench skimmers and crucians.

The Silverfish Lake, this week is getting a stocking of 6000 fish, so watch out for some good sport on this lake.

For further information ring the fishery bailiff Terry on 0780 532 6772 or visit their website