Bristol Docks Evening Series 24/1/13

Thursdays match was some of the worst conditions the regulars have ever fished in, snow on the ground, sub zero temperatures, biting easterly wind, the water was heavily coloured from melting snow and it was towing hard, yet the big fish still fed.

Rob Garland made the best of the conditions to catch some bream and skimmers on a groundbait feeder for 15lb 6oz, Alan Healey was second with 9lb 2oz, again bream and skimmers. Jason Bird was third with 2 bream for 8lb 8oz followed by Pete Sivell with a single bream of 5lb 4oz.

Merv Sivell was fifth with 5lb 0oz, which was 2 bream and then Pete Ellis was sixth with 4lb 7oz a single bream