Bristol Docks Evening Series, 7/1/13

Theres only one person to beat at the moment, thats Rob Garland, he's just won this third match on the trot. The water has finally cleared up after all the snow and rain, conditions looked perfect despite the cold. The Welsh Back and Mud Dock stretch was used for this weeks match.

Rob Garland caught 2 bream on the feeder with bread for 6lb 2oz, hot on his heels was Andy Curry with a single bream of 5lb 4oz, caught on the feeder with caster on the hook. John Macey was third with 2 skimmers and a roach for 3lb 7oz on the feeder. Dave Clutterbuck was fourth with skimmer of 2lb 11oz and Pete Sivell was fifth 2lb 10oz, Jason Bird was sixth a single skimmer of 2lb 3oz.

The only way to fish the docks at the moment is on the feeder, the cold weather has moved all the fish out into open water and anyone who is fishing the pole is not getting a single bite. The roach and small fish aren't feeding at the moment, but when the nights draw out and the water warms up a bit, they will start to feed again.

1st Rob Garland 6lb 12oz
2nd Andy Curry 5lb 4oz
3rd John Macey 3lb 7oz
4th Dave Clutterbuck 2lb 11oz
5th Pete Sivell 2lb 10oz
6th Jason bird 2lb 3oz