Bristol Docks Evening Series 1/8/13

With lots of boats on the docks, still hanging around after the recent Harbour regatta, Thursdays evening match was switched to the Mud Dock area, not many people have fished this area recently so nobody was expecting great results.

Top rod on the night was Andy Curry, who caught 5lb 2oz of roach and eels with pole and maggot. Pete Sivell was second with 4lb 0oz, a similar catch to the winner. Brother Merv was third with 3lb 8oz  which consisted of 6 good roach, caught on pole and maggot.

Pete Ellis was fourth with 2lb 15oz of roach and tiny perch and Dave Clutterbuck was fifth with 2lb 13oz, Jason Bird was sixth 2lb 1oz of roach and eels on the groundbait feeder.

At the moment there are shoals of Mullet swimming around in the docks, something that has never been seen before, there has always been the odd one, but these shoals are in the hundreds. This is probably a sign of more saltwater than usual being allowed into the docks, which might explain why the fishing recently has been poor compared to previous years.